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Board of Education Meeting

BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING:  Trumansburg Central School District's Board of Education is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Trumansburg Central School District's Board of Education will meet virtually via ZOOM on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 6:00 pm.  This meeting will be recorded and available on the District website after the meeting has adjourned. Any questions on the agenda presented at this meeting, can be emailed to our Superintendent, Kimberly Bell at Questions will be answered via email in the coming days.

Board of Education Packet
Financial Packet

Public Forum Information and Guidelines: 
  1. Please place your name, address, and email address or phone number on the sign-in sheet provided. If you have not signed up before you speak, please introduce yourself before speaking and leave your contact information with Ms. Tina Lincoln, District Clerk, after you speak.
  2. The board will listen to your words and bear them in mind, but generally not respond during public forum or take up the issue later in the meeting. Sometimes the issue or concern may come up during later board discussion of future issues; more often the matter is referred to the appropriate staff. (If you haven't first spoken with that person or don't know who it would be, your most effective course of action is to go straight to that person or to that person's supervisor. You may contact the district office to identify who the appropriate person would be.) 
  3. By district policy, public forum is not the place to make derogatory comments about specific persons. Such comments can be made privately to the superintendent, board president or appropriate administrator who can follow up appropriately. 
  4. If you have concerns but would prefer not to speak during public forum, you are free to write or email the board. (
  5. Please use time efficiently. Knowing that others may wish to speak and that Board of Education meetings often last several hours, people generally speak for fewer than five minutes. Please be as brief as possible. On evenings when a time limit is announced, your speaking privileges may be revoked if you exceed the allotted time.
A public forum reminder for Trumansburg Central School District employees:
Please follow the "chain of command." When school board members have a question or concern about staff or program, they do not approach those persons directly, but seek information through the superintendent. Likewise faculty and staff with questions or concerns about issues in the district should first take up the issue with their supervisor, moving further up the administrative chart if necessary. We are not trying to discourage discussion, but to channel it through the most appropriate persons and places.
The board of education is the last, not first stop in the process. This is a widely recognized protocol that is in the best interest of the district. Among other things, it ensures that staff who speak at public forum have been given the pertinent background and facts. Speaking without that information does not reflect well on the speaker or the district. Moreover, most actions of the board are based on the recommendation of the superintendent, who generally makes such recommendations after consultation with appropriate administrative staff. So that the board receives fully-considered recommendations from the superintendent, you should see that your administrator is aware of your concerns.