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Board of Education Members, 2019-2020


Scott Sherwood
Board President - 2021
P: 607- 227-9741
Jhoanna Haynes
Trustee - 2020
P: 713-884-5794
Mailing Address

Trumansburg Central School District Board of Education
Attn:  Tina Lincoln, District Clerk 100 Whig St
Trumansburg, NY  14886
Dianne Lynn
Board Vice President - 2020
P: 607-351-4201
Rebecca Baines
Trustee - 2022
P: 860-248-5438
Randy VanDerzee
Trustee - 2022
P: 607-387-6200
Jim Mielty
Trustee - 2022
P: 607-387-8888
Jane Gallagher
Trustee - 2020 (Appointed 2019-2020 to fill vacancy created by Patrick Masters)
P: 607-387-5863
Tina Lincoln
District Clerk
P: 607-387-7551, ext. 4427

Committees: 2019-2020 School Year
Finance/Audit: Randy VanDerzee, Scott Sherwood, Jhoanna Haynes, Kimberly Bell, Matthew Fogarty
Policy: Jhoanna Haynes, Jim Mielty, Jane Gallagher, Matthew Fogarty, Kimberly Bell
Facilities: Scott Sherwood, Randy VanDerzee, Dianne Lynn, Kimberly Bell, Matthew Fogarty, Tim Denmark
CSE/CPSE Spec Ed: Rebecca Baines, Scott Sherwood, Angie Gemignani
Transportation: Scott Sherwood, Randy VanDerzee, Kimberly Bell, Matthew Fogarty, David Ink
Food Service: Jane Gallagher, Jim Mielty, Jhoanna Haynes, Rose Hanson, Kimberly Bell, Matthew Fogarty
Athletic: Randy VanDerzee, Scott Sherwood, Jason Hodge, Jon Koeng, Tim Denmark, Kimberly Bell, Matthew Fogarty
Community Engagement: Jim Mielty, Rebecca Baines, Dianne Lynn, Kimberly Bell, Matthew Fogarty
Curriculum & Instruction: Rebecca Baines, Jane Gallagher, Dianne Lynn, Jim Mielty, Scott Sherwood, Jhoanna Haynes, Pam Rapoza, Kimberly Bell
TST Executive: Jhoanna Haynes
TST Executive Alt: Dianne Lynn
NYSSBA Legislative Liaison: Jhoanna Haynes
Trumansburg Central School District's Board of Education will meet on Monday, July 22, 2019 at 6:00 pm for a Board Meeting in the Charles O. Dickerson High School Library:

Board of Education Packet for 07/22/19*
*Agenda updated 07/22/19 @ 12pm
Board Meeting Video Archive on YouTube

Link for tonight's live Board of Education video stream:
Committee Meetings (meetings are held in the District Office Conference Room unless otherwise noted):

AUGUST 2019      
Board Meetings
2019-20 Board of Education Meetings
Most meetings will be held on Monday evenings at the Charles O. Dickerson High School in the Library at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend or view the meeting over the Internet.