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Friday, June 19. 2020

Dear Trumansburg Community,

You did it!  I am writing to personally thank you, our faculty, staff, students, parents, and caregivers for all that you have done this school year and throughout the pandemic.  When we kicked off the start of the year this past fall, many of us had no idea of the obstacles March and the months following would present us.  We quickly learned that our district is so much more than an institution for learning.  We were reminded that our school is where students are presented with opportunities for growth, acquisition of knowledge, comradery, physical activity, nurturing, nutrition, and love.  In March, our lives were forever changed.  In the course of a couple of days, we united forces, and families took on the dual role of teachers and caregivers.  It was a significant challenge; you learned about the curriculum, technology, and the daily challenges of teaching. I couldn't be more proud to say that together our entire community turned these obstacles into opportunities.
You have all persevered, and our students will never forget the challenges, successes, memories, and love you shared and built with them during this time. United, we taught, lead, encouraged, and succeeded.

I learned early on when I first began running competitively that the crowd and the folks around you will encourage and carry you the last mile.  This community did just that; we did it together; thank you for bringing the momentum to us all for a strong finish.  The end of year celebrations thus far have been exceptional and emotional.  We are Tburg strong, I am confident that we can affect real change in our practices, ideology and persevere through any obstacles that lie ahead.
Welcome to the finish line for 2019-2020!  I am proud to be a part of a team of amazing teachers, staff, volunteers, administrators, BOE, exceptional students, and an
incredibly supportive community. 
Be safe, stay well, and enjoy your summer.

Kimberly Bell
Superintendent TCSD
607-387-7551 Ext. 4421

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Dear Tburg Community,

I write today with a heavy heart as amidst a global pandemic, our country is hurting. The unjust killing of George Floyd reverberates across our country.  We must take time to self-reflect, educate ourselves, have hard conversations, and lead change that will create lasting equity. 

As an educational institution, we see our role in the ongoing struggle for equality as vital. We will continue to strive to educate ourselves for the sake of the students and citizens of the future.  We want to teach our children the whole story and develop citizens that are aware of their own privilege and racist acts.  

Reflecting on our work, we recognize there is still so much more work to be done.  While the nation continues to grapple with its identity and values, while justice is served and denied in varying degrees, we endeavor to hold ourselves to the higher standards and ideals of the improvement of our district, community, and country, even in its times of most significant pain.

We are committed to becoming an anti-racist institution and our staff are on a journey to learn, listen. and grow. As teachers have been exploring materials and resources on how to talk to children about all that is happening in our world, we thought we would share a few of these resources with you as well.  

Please explore these few resources below as part of your journey of growth:
June 2, 2020 Free Webinar.

Talking About Race.” 

We can do better.  Walk with us.
Kimberly Bell
Superintendent TCSD
607-387-7551 Ext. 4421