Social Studies

The mission of the Trumansburg Social Studies department is to provide a comprehensive, integrated, diverse, and differentiated Social Studies curriculum based upon project-based learning and inquiry design that ensures students become critical thinkers and effective communicators in an increasingly complex and culturally diverse world.  Our program prepares students to be informed and responsible citizens who celebrate the diversity in others and exercise good citizenship in college, career, and civic life. To receive a high school diploma, our program meets New York States requirements which include: completing four credits of social studies: Global History 9 and Global History 10, United States History & Government, and United States Government & Economics (each course is one credit) and pass one Regents exam either in Global History & Geography or United States History. 

Program Coordinators

Grades 9-12: Larry Vonderchek
Grades 5-8: Amy Torruella
Grades PK - 4: Stacy Tilton

Seal of Civic Readiness

Students who earn the Seal of Civic Readiness will have a seal affixed to their diploma, which they will receive at graduation. In addition, students who complete the requirements for earning the seal will have the designation listed on their official transcripts, and students pursuing the seal can note that they are candidates for the Seal on college and employment applications in advance of graduation.

Social Studies Practices

  • Gathering, using, and interpreting evidence.

  • Chronological reasoning and causation.

  • Comparison and contextualization.

  • Geographic reasoning.

  • Economics and economics systems.

  • Civic participation.

Domains of Civic Readiness

Civic readiness is continuously developed throughout PK - grade 12 education. It should include civic knowledge, civic skills and actions, civic mindsets, and civic experiences. Learn more about the New York State Civic Readiness Initiative.

Domains of Civic Readiness