Students are the center of all we do at Trumansburg Central School District. We inspire learners to grow in knowledge and skill, character, empathy, critical thinking, and leadership. We embrace and enhance each child's unique abilities while encouraging learners in their pursuit of high academic achievement. Our learning environment will foster joy, meaningful relationships and support the overall wellness of the school community. We will be leaders in continuous innovation and equitable opportunities for all.

Our Mission & Vision

Core Beliefs - Students: as the center of all we do and the priority of all decisions  Excellence: Dynamic instruction that is student centered and inquiry based. High expectations for all students and staff that inspire and empower  Integrity: Developing accountable, compassionate young adults with an empathetic view that is inclusive and respectful of all. Supporting students in becoming self-advocates who recognize and understand their individual strengths and needs.  Innovation: Flexible and changing programs and opportunities that keep students engaged and ready for an every-changing world.

Our Core Beliefs

Parameters of our Work - All of our work will align with the state Mission and Core Values of the organization.  We will honor the dignity of every person.  We will not add/eliminate/review any program or service without careful and detailed analysis and appropriate supports.  We will hire and retain those who preform at the organizational reference points and operate in a manner consistent with our Strategic Plan and Core Beliefs.  We will practice collaborative decision making when appropriate throughout the system.  Decision making will be in accordance with one's role and should include relevant information.  As we intentionally adopt initiatives, we will effectively manage our resources, time, and capacity.  We know change is necessary to move forward.

Parameters of our Work