District Goals/Mission/Vision

VISIONLeaders in Excellence, Equity, Integrity and Innovation

MISSIONStudents are the center of all we do at Trumansburg Central School District.  We inspire learners to grow in knowledge and skill, character, empathy, critical thinking, and leadership.  We embrace and enhance each child’s unique abilities while encouraging learners in their pursuit of high academic achievement. Our learning environment will foster joy, meaningful relationships and support the overall wellness of the school community. We will be leaders in continuous innovation and equitable opportunities for all.

Trumansburg District Goals:

2022-2023 Trumansburg District Goals

Goal 1:  TCSD will strive for a 100 percent graduation rate ensuring that each student can demonstrate sustained and consistent progress at their highest level, with an emphasis on college and/or career readiness, as well as civic engagement.

Goal 2:  TCSD will implement strategies for students to achieve proficiency levels in all assessed areas and standard aligned benchmarks that satisfy New York State and local requirements.

Goal 3:  TCSD will maintain a strong commitment to high-quality learning and safety while continuing to ensure and develop programs and policies that foster accessibility, equity, kindness, and respect for diversity among students, teachers, staff, and community that reflect the District’s value of culturally responsive sustainable education.

Goal 4:  TCSD will provide educational opportunities and developmentally appropriate experiences that are culturally responsive, respectful and inclusive of multiple expressions of diversity. TCSD strives to become an inclusive and equitable institution for all, particularly those whose opportunities to learn and thrive are impacted by systemic disadvantages, marginalization, and exclusion.

Adopted by the TCSD Board of Education on January 25, 2021