Emergency Closing

Please do not call the school switchboard for closing information. It ties up our phone lines and makes our ability to communicate very difficult.

Our school system covers many miles and at times the weather conditions vary dramatically from location to location.  The decision to close or dismiss school early is never taken lightly and is always made with the safety of the students and staff in mind.  If the school is scheduled to be open and you feel this decision puts your child in jeopardy, you may deliver them to school on your own or hold them home for the day.  You will need to send in an excuse with your child as normal whenever the child is absent from school.

We have also recently added school closing, delay and cancellation notices to our school homepage.  It should not be relied upon as your sole source of information as the access to our computers may be delayed or disrupted due to the weather.

Notification of Closings and Delays

  •  TV - WSTM - Channel 3 & 5

  •  TV - WIXT - Channel 9

  •  TV - YNN - Channel 10

Closed for the day
If school is closed for the day, we will try to have the announcements on the radio and television by 6:30 a.m.  Check the radio and TV stations for the latest closing updates. Occasionally, we have difficulty reaching a radio or TV station to post our closing information - if you have any doubt, we'd suggest that you check several of the channels or stations listed below for accurate information.

Emergency closing during the day
Occasionally, it is necessary to send students home early because of poor weather or other emergency conditions.  Student safety is the primary consideration when deciding about a school closing.  We recognize that this can cause difficulty for parents.  Please know that we will make every effort to get information out as early as possible.  Your planning for this possibility will make these occasions a great deal less hectic and frustrating.