Video Transcript: Every school has a story. Our story is about providing students with a unique education that allows them opportunities and experiences to become diverse life-long learners. With instructional practice grounded in Project-Based Learning, students have many opportunities to apply their thinking and inquiry to authentic real-world scenarios. This helps us learn deeply and develop the skills that will be the most valuable in life...skills like cooperation, communication, and perseverance. We value Curiosity and encourage students to reach higher and learn deeper. This is the core of an education that will stick with you forever. Mostly, we grow people of character. Developing empathy and self-worth that leads to an active and engaged life. It has always been our goal to meet our students where they are and to provide them with the greatest opportunities to thrive in their learning and to internalize the desire to be curious and joyful learners for the rest of their lives. We hope that we are on the path to creating great change in our education system and for the students of Trumansburg’s future.

Curriculum & Instruction

Pam Rapoza

Director of Curriculum & Instruction
email: Pam Rapoza 

Trumanburg Core Beliefs

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Learning Standards

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Skills & Attributes of Today's Learner

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