Pie Day

After a long wait, eighth grade math teacher Amy Dawson and her students were finally able to bring back their Pi Day festivities this year.  

On Monday, March 14, students gathered together to enjoy pie their parents had sent to school with them. 

“Keeping in the tradition of our prior years,” Dawson said, “we had offered different activities for the crew. Starting with our first period of the day we began work on our digits of pi chain. I started with a list of 100 and quickly realized I would have to print a longer list! We made a chain to represent almost 500 digits of pi!”

Dawson elaborated on the day in her monthly newsletter to the district.

“Each year I throw in a word search to go along with the math activities,” she said. “Again this year it was the most popular choice along with the pi chain. This always surprises me. I offer it with feelings of guilt because it really isn’t math. But, the kids love to just hang out with friends, find words and eat pie.”

“I was pleased that so many kids took me up on the opportunity to do some math problems to enter into a raffle,” she added. “Each correct problem received an entry. I had enough extra little pies (thank you families for sending in enough that we had extra for this) to give out pies to everyone who completed a problem correctly!”

As for the chain, it’s still being put to use.

“We’ve repurposed our chain,” Dawson noted, “to hang as a decoration around our room and give us a nice visual reminder of just how FEW weeks our kids have left in grade 8. I can’t believe it – but yes it is happening. They are almost high school students. We have just 11 weeks left together to learn and enjoy our time in the middle school.”