May 9, 2022

Dear Staff, Students, and Community,

I am writing with much enthusiasm to announce the next Principal of Russell I. Doig Middle School, Ms. Jean Amodeo, beginning July 1, 2022.  Ms. Amodeo was selected to lead our work together based on her accomplished 20 years in education, including nine as a school administrator with experience at elementary and secondary levels.  Other experiences/roles include classroom teacher, technology mentor, department chair, building-level data coordinator, and master scheduler.  She has led educators to achieve demonstrable increases in achievement across all cohorts, focusing on data analysis, standards-based instruction, targeted professional development, and robust intervention programs.  She is passionate about creating a trusting and collaborative atmosphere in which a growth mindset is celebrated, and varying viewpoints and experiences are acknowledged and honored. 

In early July, we will host an opportunity for our community to meet and welcome Ms. Amodeo to our district.  We look forward to the leadership and outcomes she will bring forth for our community. 

Kimberly Bell
TCSD Superintendent of Schools